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Beautiful, simple and easy to use task manager.

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Focus on priority

It’s a scientific fact that a human can only focus on one thing at a time. That’s why we added the main priority feature, which stands out only one priority task.


No mess

It’s good to have everything sorted. Taasky offers categories which can filter your tasks in a very simple manner. Every category has its own colour to avoid chaos.


Award-winning design

Award-winning minimalistic design with maximum emphasis on simplicity and fast control. With Taasky, you will be glad to see your everyday tasks.

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First impression What people say

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    “I really love Taasky, It's brilliant task manager.”

    Tomas Baran

    CEO & Founder of Goldee

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    “It looks great, I missed something like this.”

    Adam Paclt

    CEO of IceWarp

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    “It seems very interesting, can't wait to launch.”

    Damián Brhel

    Co-founder of Brand Embassy

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    “I use Wunderkit, but I would like this much better.”

    Lukas Vodicka

    Founder of Omlazeni.cz

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